Vendetta Games Account

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The Basics

To participate in Vendetta Games and The Chalk River Metaverse players will first need to create an account in the Vendetta Games portal.

Step 1 - Set up an Account

  • Sign up and decide on your Wild West moniker.

  • Connect your wallet to your account

Step 2 - Create your Character

Every account will be able to design and create its own Wild West Character based on a fixed set of criteria

  • Male/Female

  • Skin Colour

  • Hair Colour

  • Hair Style

  • Facial Hair

  • Basic Sets of Clothing, Boots, Hat

  • Body Type

  • Basic Weapon

Step 3 - Create your Mount

Every account will be able to design and create its horse based on a fixed set of criteria

  • Breed

  • Colour

  • Coat (The pattern of the hair/colour patches/)

  • Mane Style (length/Braided)

  • Tail (length/Braided)

  • Basic Saddle Choices

Step 4 - Ready to Play

Once the account has been set and the character and horse are created the player can now enter the free-to-play games.

To enter Play-to-Earn games and the Chalk River Metaverse, players must have a DynamicNFT attached to their character. Players must own this DynamicNFT or join through a scholarship program.

New accounts will receive "x" amount of free Gold Dust. Amount TBD during AlphaTesting.


Your character's abilities in-game are tied to the DynamicNFT that the player uses to enter the game. Experience (XP) points will be earned in the game as you compete and complete storyline chapters, and by playing the various other Vendetta Games. The XP can be allocated towards the ability points on the DynamicNFT that the player has used to enter the game.

Levelling Up

Characters Level up their fixed set of attributes (As listed in The White Paper - DynamicNFTs section). As the player levels up and allocates points to specific attributes, it is saved in their Vendetta Portal. The player can choose to save these upgrades to their DynamicNFT as and when they decide; this allows the user to spread out the gas costs involved when interacting with the smart contract.

* Platform under production scheduled for release in Q2 2022

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