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Facebook’s Metaverse is predicted to generate 3.1B in 2022. global brands are viewing the metaverse as a new opportunity to engage more deeply and creatively with its consumers—and unlock new revenue streams. Creating a metaverse game allows VendettaDAO to offer a wider array of product and service offerings over a longer period of time.

Build for the market

Last year, people spent $501M on metaverse real estate and IMVU users spend $7M per month on digital goods for the metaverse. We look to cater to that growing market by Building and selling NFT assets and real estate to players and investors.

Sell into the Pool

This year, the size of the gaming market will reach over $220 billion. Our ability to create metaverse games and assets allows us to meet the rising demand of players and by 3rd parties looking to purchase white label gaming solutions.

Take advantage of attractive growth rates

With a forecasted CAGR of 44.1%, the metaverse market size is expanding. The growth of the gaming market in the Asia Pacific zone in the next six years can be traced to the proliferation of smartphones in developing countries. The countries are also seeing the largest growth rates of players looking for scholarship opportunities. Our goal is to meet that rising demand by providing our in-house assets to generate earnings.

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