Vendetta Token ($VDT)

A pair of six-shooters beats a pair of sixes - Belle Starr

The $VDT token is the main currency of the VendettaDAO guild ecosystem. It is an in-game currency and has numerous other utility benefits to the holder. Pre-sale and Public sale proceeds of tokens will be a welcome inflow of early capital.

Token Info.

  • Token symbol: $VDT

  • Initial supply: 28 million

  • Max supply: 100 million

  • Token standard: Elysium, Ethereum, Polygon

*Subject to Change


$VDT is the lifeblood of the VendettaDAO enabling

  • DAO Governance (of Vendetta Guild)

  • In-game Currency for P2E and commerce

  • Rewards payout to Scholars

  • Staking Pools

  • Circular economy

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