We'll make our fortune, boys - Mattie Eurp

The full-circle design of VendettaDAO creates multiple stable revenue streams that can be built on and will continue to increase as the Chalk River Metaverse and Wild West Games are released and as Vendetta Guild grows.

Revenue Streams

Vendetta Games

  • P2E gaming

  • In-game economy percentage sharing

  • DynamicNFT sales

  • Limited Use & Utility NFT sales

  • Chalk River Metaverse Land Sales

  • Chalk River Metaverse Building Sales

  • Chalk River Metaverse Mining Licence Sales

  • Advertising Revenue

  • Partnerships with real-world brands and services

  • In Game Currency Sales

  • Micro Transactions

  • Battle Passes

  • Subscription Fees

Vendetta Guild

  • P2E Revenue from active scholars

  • NFT Asset value appreciation and Investment

  • Tournaments and E-sport Events

  • $VDT holding returns

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