Shoot-Out on Main Street

Who is the Fastest Gun in the West?


This addictive multiplayer "Fastest Gun in the West" shootout game is a 1 vs 1 shoot to the death, a 5 vs 5 random partnering posse, or a 5 vs 5 fixed posse shootout on the Main Street of our young boom town of Chalk River. Players compete to earn tokens from the $VDT pool. Losers still come away with Limited Use and Utility NFTs such as weapons, gear and ammunition that can be used across all the Vendetta Games.

** Chalk River: Shoot-Out on Main Street (CSM) will also be playable on mobile phone devices giving it a very large player base and low barrier to entry.

Game Tokenomics

General Breakdown

- There will be a free-to-play version, in which to P2E option not is available, and game features are limited. - To participate in P2E players will pay a small fixed $VDT fee. The fee will go into the pool of $VDT for the specific round they are playing.

Gold Dust & NFTs

  • Winners & Losers will also earn "x" amount of Gold Dust per game. Amount to be determined during Beta testing.

  • Losers will receive Limited Use NFTs (LuNFTs) as consolation.

Experience Points (XP)

Players will earn XP points playing the Play-to-Earn version of CSM that can be allocated to their DynamicNFTs.

* currently under production and scheduled for release in Q1 2023

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