Chalk River Invasion

Wild Wild West


In this multiplayer game, players must choose a side. Defend the Town of Chalk River against Outlaws, or Attack and pillage the town as part of a team of Outlaws. Gaming choices are

  • 5 Players Defending the Town vs. 5 Invading Outlaws

  • 5 Players Defending the Town vs. 10 Invading Outlaws

Game Tokenomics

- There will be a free-to-play version, in which to P2E option not is available, and game features are limited.

- To participate in P2E players must pay a small fixed $VDT fee. The fee will go into the pool of $VDT of all the players of CRI in the same round. The amount of $VDT collected in the round will be divided amongst all the players in the same round and calculated towards the winners and users with the highest scores in that specific round that they are playing.

Gold Dust & NFTs

  • Winners & Losers will also earn "x" amount of Gold Dust per game. Amount to be determined during Beta testing.

  • Losers will receive Limited Use NFTs (LuNFTs) as consolation.

Experience Points (XP)

Players will earn XP points playing the Play-to-Earn version of CRI that can be allocated to their DynamicNFTs

*Under Construction Expected Completion Date Q2 2023

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