The Vendetta Saloon

Check your guns at the door


The Vendetta Saloon is a den of iniquity offering the strongest whiskey in the metaverse along with a suite of multiplayer Parlour Games including Poker, Black Jack and Billiards.

** Saloon Games (SAG) will also be playable on mobile phone devices giving it a very large player base and low barrier to entry.

Game Tokenomics:

- There will not be a free-to-play version available.

Cost to Play

The cost of each game will be paid in $VDT tokens and floating against the average 24hr value of $VDT.

  • Basic tables will have a fixed buy-in fee per person. After the buy-in, the pot will continue to grow as bets are placed throughout the game. These basic tables will have a capped betting amount TBD during the Beta testing.

  • There will also be an option to open your own tables and set how high the buy-in will be and set the table betting limit.

Gold Dust

  • Winners & Losers will also earn "x" amount of Gold Dust per game. Amount to be determined during Beta testing.

Experience Points (XP)

Players will not earn XP points playing SAG

*Expected Completion Date Q1 2023

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