Chalk River Metaverse

The Old West is not a certain place in a certain time, it’s a state of mind; it’s whatever you want it to be. - Tom Mix

The town of Chalk River was erected shortly after the discovery of the mine.

The land is teaming with wildlife, scorpions, rattlesnakes and Outlaws. Since gold has been discovered it has been inundated with every type of hired gun, wildcatter, card cheat, and carpetbagger looking to get rich.

The local inhabitants created a guild to protect the town and themselves against the hostile forces hellbent on taking over the town and the mine. To survive in this territory you need to be tough and you need to know how to shoot. Often one is the key to the other.


Our protagonist is an orphan who has grown up with a gang of Outlaws. Growing up in this harsh environment he/she has witnessed the good and bad, but mostly the bad of the kill-or-die life of an Outlaw Gang. The first chapter of our Chalk River game begins as his/her Outlaw Gang has been hunted across the West, shot down or caught and hung by the strong arm of the law.

Their last stand is in Chalk River; only our character has survived and now must shoot his/her way out before deciding his/her fate and how he/she is going to survive newly alone in the world. Our protagonist is by nature resourceful, entrepreneurial and hungry for more; he/she now has to now make a choice; rebuild a new gang of thieves and murderers and continue living the life of an Outlaw, go clean and build an honest empire in the young bustling town of Chalk River, or join the law and track down other murderous gangs, his/her future is open to whatever he/she chooses. Following this storyline, the Chalk River Metaverse will include content-rich chapters/quests for players to complete and enrich the metaverse they spend their time in. Chapters include Robbing a Bank, Saving Townsfolk, Mining for Gold, Racing through the treacherous Chalk River Canyon on their SmartNFT Horse, training and selling a horse, and Building and Maintaining a farm or business.

Tying It All Together

Each of the Vendetta Minigames is accessible through portals in the Chalk River Metaverse. While completing storyline chapters gamers can socialize in The Chalk River Metaverse, call each other out and challenge each other to a Shoot-Out on Main Street, a race through Chalk River Canyon or sit down in The Vendetta Saloon on the corner of Main Street to play any of the Parlour Games hosted there.

Game Tokenomics

Players will earn $VDT tokens from the Chalk River Valley Metaverse P2E pool and Limited Use/Utility NFTs when

  • Completing Storyline Chapters

  • Working on and improving farmland/livestock

  • Mining for Gold

*Note: The Chalk River Valley P2E pool will be funded by a combination of, a percentage of the Play to Earn pools of the Vendetta Games, $VDT tokens from the original mint that are kept in the VendettaDao Treasury, and profits from Land, Building, Licence, DynamicNFT sales.

Gold Dust

Gold Dust is an in-game currency, that is earned through playing the Vendetta Games, Completing Chapters in the Chalk River storyline, and interacting within the metaverse. Gold Dust will be used to purchase a limited set of items in the Metaverse (focusing on entertainment). Gold dust will also be spent to play chapters of the storyline. Gold Dust can be purchased in the game and from the Vendetta Marketplace.

Sample items/use cases for Gold Dust

  • Health

  • Speed up processes

  • Alcohol

  • Basic Ammunition

  • Change Character or Horse look

  • Bounties on Characters

Experience Points (XP)

Players will not earn XP points when completing storyline chapters in the Chalk River Metaverse. This is designed to encourage players to participate in the Pay-to-Play mini-games; which help keep the economy circular and fill up the P2E earning pool.

The Boom Town

Chalk River Valley Metaverse hosts

  • NFT land Sales

  • NFT Buildings Sales

  • NFT mining rights sale.

  • Vendetta Saloon where players can socialize and play a suite of Saloon Games.

  • Portals to all the Vendetta Games.

  • Buildings and Advertising for partners.

  • Portals to partner Metaverses.

*Alpha Released.

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