VendettaDAO Ecosystem

Every Bullet Counts

Like many stories of Vendetta, ours too is a long and bloody one. It harkens back to a time when you were as likely to find yourself losing your scalp, taking a bullet, being eaten, bitten, or stung to death by one of a myriad of dangerous frontier critters-human and otherwise.

The metaverse we inhabit comprises the Town of Chalk River and surrounding areas, which just so happen to be teeming with Outlaws, Hustlers, Cheats, Drunkards, and Men who would shoot you just for looking at them.

Fortunately for us, we don't mind a good scrap, especially since our metaverse sits atop a fortune in precious metals and other natural resources; the territory has the resources to spawn wealth and fortune for those who are brave enough to venture forth.

Vendetta DAO

In order to provide law and order to the territory, we created a guild to oversee the creation of a DAO structure to provide governance to the whole metaverse ecosystem. These like-minded individuals have banded together to ensure Chalk River continues to prosper. They also have a recipe for an excellent peach cobbler.

The DAO that the company envisions encompasses oversight on:

  • NFTs creation/purchase/sale

  • Metaverse real estate transactions

  • Storyline and Chapter Quest Creation

Vendetta Games

  • Wild West Metaverse of Chalk River

  • A suite of 7 Wild West Games

  • DynamicNFTs, limited use & utility NFT issuer

Vendetta Guild

  • Over 1200 active P2E gamers

  • $5m in AUM in diversified NFT holdings

  • Over 6000 scholars

Guild Highlights

Vendetta Guild was established to bring together gamers, developers, investors, and aficionados of the metaverse. Vendetta Guild provides excellent P2E opportunities and is instrumental in providing early revenues for the entire ecosystem.

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