Ghost Riders!

Outlaw vs. Ghost Riders out to collect your soul!


Battle your way through an endless hoard of demon Ghost Riders as you try to shoot your way through the Chalk River Gold Mine.

Ghost Riders (GR) addictive action-filled First Person shooter game that gives gamers a chance to test their skills and save their soul!

** Ghost Riders (GR) will also be playable on mobile phone devices giving it a very large player base and low barrier to entry.

Game Tokenomics

General Breakdown

- There will be a free-to-play version, in which to P2E option not is available, and game features are limited.

- To participate in P2E players must pay a small fixed $VDT fee. The fee will go into the pool of $VDT of all the players of GR in the same fixed time slot. The total amount of $VDT collected in the timeslot will be divided amongst all the players in the same time slot and calculated towards the users with the highest scores.

Gold Dust & NFTs

  • Winners & Losers will also earn "x" amount of Gold Dust per game. Amount to be determined during Beta testing.

  • Lower-tier scorers will also receive Limited Use NFTs (LuNFTs) as consolation.

Experience Points (XP)

  • For each session, players will receive 2 XP points to be allocated to their character's ability of their choice.

  • If the player is one of the top 5 players in the 1-hour time slot they will receive 3 XP points.

​* Scheduled for release in Q2 2023

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