Limited Use & Utility NFTs

Perhaps I may yet die with my boots on - Wild Bill Hickok


Limited Use (luNFTs) and Utility NFTs (uNFTs) are an integral part of keeping the VendettaDao economy running.

luNFTs & uNFTs:

- Limited Use NFTs which are "limited use" in the sense can only be used "x" number of times before they expire such as in the case of a Sheriff Badge, or a Branded Saddle. These added buffs to characters/horses in-game give it an advantage over the competition, or while performing certain tasks such as mining for gold or searching for NFTs. - Utility NFTs are also limited such as and have a fixed amount such as ammunition or medicine.

Short List of luNFTs


  • Sherrif Badge - Gives a 15% Bravery boost to the user.

  • Snake Skin Cowboy Boots - Gives a 15% speed to the user.

  • Leather Vest - Gives a 10% strength boost allowing the user to take more damage.

  • Screwdriver - Gives a 10% added crafting bonus to the user.

  • Branded Saddle - Gives a 10% stamina boost to your horse.

  • Silver Horse Shoes - Gives a 10% speed boost to your horse.

Short List of uNFTs


  • Ammunition - Bullets used in the Characters' weapon

  • Medicine - Can be used to heal your Character during a shoot-out

  • Mining Tools - Used when mining for gold


The potential for luNFTs & uNFTs is unlimited.

  • Different weapons, clothing, and tools can be minted and sold.

  • Partnerships with other metaverses

  • Partnerships with real-world brands such as Stetson Brand Cowboy hats, Nike Cowboy Boots, DKNY Jeans etc.

  • Tattoos on Characters and Hot Branding on Horses

  • Skins

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